10 Quirky and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Why not surprise your friends and family with some quirky gifts this year for Christmas? Forget the generic gifts and get something they’ll never guess. Take a read of Nicheliving’s top 10 quirky and affordable gift ideas for Christmas this year. 

1. World Vision Gifts

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime with a donation to a child in a third world country on a friend or family member’s behalf. After all Christmas is about the spirit of giving right!


2. Opshop recycling


Make a plan with your friends to only buy each other’s gift from an Op Shop this year. Not only are you reducing landfill, you’re sure to find something quirky you normally wouldn’t go for! Our pick is a cool vintage record or novel.


3. DIY gifts

Get creative and only exchange gifts you’ve made. Whether it’s artwork, photography, a hand-made bag with quirky material or delicious baked goods. This one is an affordable way to do Christmas gifts.

Gift of knowledge

Give your friends or family a gift voucher for a learning session! Think photography lessons, a cooking class or even a foreign language.  

5. Fruit trees

Plants have fast become must-haves for homes, adding a splash of greenery and purifying the air. A fruit tree takes it a step further, by adding the gift of fresh fruit. Grab a stylish plant-pot to complete the gift.

6. Buy land on the moon

Yes, this exists! Buy your friends or family land on the moon for as little as $29.99. We can't guarantee they will be able to step foot on it in their lifetime, but they'll certainly appreciate having their only little piece of outerspace. 

7. Stand up paddle board lesson

A stand up paddleboard lesson is the perfect gift for an Australia Christmas. Your friends or family are likely to have some time off over Christmas and can make the most of the hot summer days with a lesson. Plus it’s a great core workout!

8. Sensory depravation tank

While we may have taken inspo from the Simpsons with this one, this is a pretty unique gift that’s become a go-to relaxation method. The tanks let your muscle and mind de-stress by floating inside a lightless, soundproof tank filled with salt water at skin temperature.

9. Hamper

Show how well you know your friends or family and create a personalised Christmas hamper. Start with a basket and fill it with all their favourite bites and nifty items. Put some personal jokes inside to really impress!

10. Customised board game

You can easily personalise an old board game for a unique gift. Stick pictures of friends or family over the Guess Who faces and let the guessing fun begin. This one is sure to create a laugh or two and can be played after the Christmas lunch!  


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