Nicheliving seeking up to $12M for IPO


Have you heard the news? Nicheliving Holdings Ltd has launched an IPO seeking investments of up to $12 million, taking the first step towards becoming a publicly listed company!

Over the past 15 years, we’ve built a reputation as one of Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developers, and now we’re ready to launch the next stage the next stage of our growth strategy.
As a successful Western Australian company with a well-recognised and trusted brand, the timing for the Nicheliving Holdings Ltd IPO could not be more opportune.
Since 2002, we’ve managed 40 affordable residential development projects in infill locations throughout the Perth metropolitan area, and at present, we’re managing a property development portfolio valued at more than $400 million, with 12 projects in the pipeline.
However, it’s not purely the timing of the IPO that suggests Nicheliving Holdings Ltd is a strong investment proposition for potential shareholders; it’s also our unique business model and proven track record.
Our vertically integrated business model allows us to provide a diverse range of property related products and services as one cohesive entity, which in turns allows for the generation of multiple streams of income through land development, construction, real estate, property management, marketing and financial services.
What’s more, we initiate our own workflow by identifying infill sites throughout the Perth metropolitan area for the development of affordable homes. We’re able to control the development process and activate the services of each of our internal business units for the generation of diversified income, rather than relying on external contracts or tenders.
Finally, by creating affordable homes in infill locations, our product experiences consistent demand and is less susceptible to market fluctuations. This is partially because there is limited availability and competition for affordable new homes in these types of areas.

From a minimum investment of $2,000, you could be a shareholder in this successful Western Australian property company upon application for shares. Based on achieving the forecast results for the 2017-18 financial year, it is the current intention of the Board to declare an interim dividend equating to a gross dividend of 7% fully franked. Please refer to the Prospectus for further details. 
For a copy of our Prospectus click here to download, or for more information, contact Jason Peterson at or (08) 9223 2222. 

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