Nicheliving's showcase home is one of a kind!


If you’ve ever gone house hunting and strolled into a fancy display home, then you’ve probably experienced the crushing disappointment that comes when you realise literally all of the bells and whistles are not included in the advertised price. It’s only after applying all of the extras, making some changes, signing the contract and proceeding to prestart that you’ll be able to tally up the damage and determine the final price. By then you will have added thousands to your overall costs and your budget will be blown way out of what you originally had in mind.
We know how frustrating it can be, which is why we’ve streamlined the process and gone about things a little differently with our first ever showcase home. At Nicheliving Madeley, our newly completed, double storey showcase home represents exactly what you’re going to get. From the benchtops to the floor coverings, everything is detailed upfront in the all-inclusive price of the premium package. Landscaping, high ceilings, blinds – you name it. What you see is what you get and there are no additional costs. There’s no prestart and no surprises; you can sign the contract on the spot and save valuable time and money.
This Nicheliving Madeley showcase home is a first for WA’s largest affordable new home & land developer due to the unique way that Nicheliving operates. For starters, Nicheliving owns the land and builds the homes for all of its projects. Although other companies promote themselves as providers of new home & land, they’re actually only land developers or builders. They have to partner with another company to pull off the whole package. This means there’s even more savings in store for Nicheliving homebuyers as they can get both their home and land in one hit. They won’t be paying interest on their purchased land while house hunting or waiting up to 9 months to sign a contract.
As Nicheliving has full control over the process, every individual home is purpose built to its specific lot of land to make optimal use of the available space and maximise energy efficiency. No two Nicheliving homes are the same as Nicheliving doesn’t use standard plans; you can’t take a Nicheliving home design and just plonk it anywhere.
Designed by award-winning architect Neil Cownie, Nicheliving Madeley offers a variety of double and single storey layouts, with 4 bed, 2 bath and 3 bed, 2 bath options. Nicheliving always offers a range of house types and floor plans, which is why we have never headed down the display home route before. Given our vast number of designs, it would be highly ineffective to attempt to construct the various styles that we offer in each development.
So, what’s changed? Nicheliving Director Ronnie Elhaj says the Perth property market is currently in a transition phase. We’ve overcome a period of negativity where buyers were too afraid to take action, but now we’re starting to see some movement in the market. Prices have steadily crept lower and lower to a point where Ronnie says that buyers are now motivated to make a move.
Nicheliving is determined to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the buyers that are gradually creeping out of the woodwork. While it still isn’t feasible to create an exact replica for every house type on offer, the Nicheliving Madeley showcase home offers buyers a chance to see the specifications in the flesh and sample the lifestyle of a Nicheliving home. Due to Nicheliving’s unique business model and large buying power, the Nicheliving Madeley showcase home is able to represent the unbeatable value buyers will receive.
Starting from $419,000 buyers can get into a fully finished Nicheliving Madeley home, with an affordable two bed option also available from $369,000. 

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