Reinventing Christmas Lunch


With all the latest foodie trends to hit WA, the classic Christmas ham and apple sauce followed by a creamy pavlova just isn’t cutting it anymore.
We think it’s time to reinvent the Christmas lunch and we’re taking inspo from the foodies.
Unleash your culinary imagination this year and cook up a storm, from fresh healthy dishes to hearty wholesome plates and sweet treats.
Add some creativity to the presentation too, with grazing tables, wooden serving platters or small chalkboards bearing the name of the dish.  
It doesn’t have to be hard work either, take a read of Nicheliving’s favourite affordable and easy-to-make dishes with a Christmas twist. 

Seafood Delight
We West Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh seafood.

Forget the ham and opt for a seafood platter served on ice for this year’s centerpiece.  
Garnish with lemon wedges and drizzle over a homemade dressing with lime juice, capers, chopped chives and salt and pepper.
A fresh seafood platter is the perfect refresher to the summer heat this Christmas.  

Hot, hot, hot
It’s not an Aussie get-together without a barbeque feast, so why not give it a Christmas twist?
You can ask your guests to BYO meat, which won’t just save money, but also reduce some of the stress of hosting.
Add a festive touch by frying up red and green capsicum and alternating them on skewers.   
Or grill up avocado halves, filled with salsa and topped off with salt or pepper seasoning for extra flavor.
This flavorsome dish tastes like something straight out of the new eateries to hit Perth, but half the price to make yourself! 
Plus it’s vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Sweetest thing
It wouldn’t be Christmas without something sweet to finish the night, right?
Homemade gingerbread is an easy crowd-winner and can be cut into Christmas trees or stars for a festive touch.
It’s also great for your lactose-intolerant guests, by switching out the margarine for a dairy-free option.
Or for a healthier dessert, add quinoa to a summer fruit salad and mix in honey and lime. 

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