Storage Solutions


Every day you walk around your house promising to get rid of the clutter that is intruding on your living space. But where exactly do you start?

Instead of darting from room to room and ending up depressed by the immensity of the challenge, start by reducing the problem to its basics room by room. What can you do in the bathroom? There are cabinets that can create display or storage space above your WC’s cistern and if you have a pedestal-mounted basin you can get slender cabinets that tuck in on either side of pedestal.

What about the kitchen? There’s no doubt that walls are the most under-utilised storage spaces in almost all homes, and the kitchen is a place where you can use a lot of shelving to store things that you wouldn’t dare display in your lounge or dining rooms. Make sure the kitchen and other cupboards in your home have been fitted in a manner that allows for optimal storage of items big and small. Don’t miss out on using the backs of cupboard doors to hold some of the things you’re tripping over right now, and have a look at what you can do with the backs of doors in bedrooms and other areas as well. 

You can’t have your lounge looking like a library, but some tasteful shelving here and there can hold some of the things that are unnecessarily cluttering your floor space. Corner cabinets will give you storage space without being in the way, and why not rest your TV on a cabinet with lots of storage space underneath?

As you make some changes in one room you’ll get new ideas on how to better use that alcove near the front door or the bare walls above the washing machine in the laundry. Once you take a hard look at the lounge you’ll realise those bric-a-bracs you picked up at the Sunday market are doing nothing besides reducing your living space.

If you scan the web you’ll find a lot of great storage ideas. And if you keep it simple, it won’t cost you a fortune. You can do a lot of it yourself. Just remember though - Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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