Thrifty Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you’ve been to the shops lately, you’ve likely heard the Christmas tunes playing and taken a peek through the Christmas décor aisles.
You might have noticed the festive decorations have upped their style game this year, with rose-gold reindeers and beautiful hues of blue and white nudging out the traditional red and green.
While the trend may be heading towards something a little more fancy, that doesn’t mean you have to splash out the cash to keep up.
Here’s some tips on how to get this year’s festive look on a budget!

Homemade Wreaths

Why not get creative and make your own wreath this Christmas? Invite your friends over for a ‘crafternoon’ or set up the materials for the kids to get crafty. Not only will the wreath have personal sentiment, you might also save some dollars.
The local craft store will have everything you need, including the wire frame for the base and a hot glue gun to attach the materials. You can also give the classic wreath an update by ditching the classic Christmas colours and opting for some pretty floral details - we’re talking flower crowns for the front door.
Finish it off with bells or ribbon to give it a subtle Christmas touch.

Display your Christmas Cards

Hanging up your Christmas cards is the cheapest way to give the home a festive touch this season. You can also feel good knowing you’re giving your Christmas cards a purpose after you’ve read them – upcycling at its best! For an extra festive touch, hang the cards in the shape of a Christmas tree on a blank wall and grab some string to create a zigzag to outline the shape. 

Red bows

Sometimes simple really is best. Give the home a quick Christmas makeover by adding red ribbon to your favourite home decor items. Wrap a bow around the pot plants, the back of the dining chairs or even the doorknobs for an instant Christmas jazz up. This one is perfect if you have left the decorating to the last minute.

Fairy lights

Instantly transform your garden into an enchanting outdoor space by hanging some fairy lights in the trees or the alfresco. Adding fairy lights isn’t just a Christmas commitment either; you can leave these up all year round. It’s a great way to inject some festivity to the garden, while transforming the outdoor space on the cheap.
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